A brief view of the many products in the Xylem portfolio that we can work with you to design the best car or truck wash system for your needs.

Product Name/TypePre-SoakTire WashWrap AroundsFinal RinseSpot-Free RinsingReclaim SystemsTruck WashIn floor HeatingSpace HeatingWash Water Heat
eSV Vertical MultistageXXXXXX
MPVN Vertical MultistageX
eHM Horizontal MultistageXXXXX
NPE End Suction CentrifugalXX
SSH End Suction CetrifugalX
Prime Line SP End Suction Self PrimingX
GB Horizontal Multistage End Suction BoosterX
G-57 AIr Operated Diaphragm XXXX
V-jet Centrifugal Chilling X
GRO/ES Series REverse OsmosisX
Aquavar ABII Constant Pressure Pump ControllerXXXXXXX
Aquavar Inelligent pump controllerXXXXXXX
Hydrovar Variable Speed DriveXXXXXXX
Brazed Plate Heat ExchangersXXX
Air Cooled Heat ExchangersXXX
Gasketed Plate Heat ExchangersXXX
Shell & Tube Heat ExchangersXXX
Transfer Valves X