Spot-Free Rinsing

After all the cleaning is said and done, a clean rinse is what your customers are looking for. No streaks, just a shiny clean vehicle. Let us introduce you to our line of RO products delivered by Water Equipment Technologies (WET) which can be paired with our industry-leading efficiency pumps by Goulds Water Technologies. We strive to offer you efficient and quality solutions.

A brief overview of the Xylem product portfolio for carwash spot free rinsing systems:

Our "e" line of pumps bring you industry-leading efficiencies to help you comply with today's market regulations and environmental pressures as well as, compete in today's business landscape. Focused on these aspects of operational challenges, we bring you the eSV™, which offers a variety of models and designs specifically designed for efficiency, ease of use and economical operation. Paired with our Hydrovar™ Variable Speed Drive Pump and you can guarantee industry-leading efficiencies.

Industry-leading efficiencies are our main focus for your business needs. Designed to lay in the horizontal position, the eHM is offered in a variety of models and designs focused specifically on efficiency, ease of use, and economical operation. Today's market demands efficient operations, and because we realize that not all car wash designs are the same, we have you covered with installation flexibility. Paired with our Hydrovar™ Variable Speed Drive Pump and you can guarantee industry-leading efficiencies.

Xylem has a variety of products to fit your quality, reliability, and efficiency needs. Driving toward your results, we offer you our GB line of high-pressure multistage booster pumps offered in a variety of models to fit your specific needs. Providing steady, quiet, vibration free operation, this pump works perfectly in systems, such as the first rinse and spot-free applications, where high-pressure water flow is what you are looking for.

RO Systems
Our compact RO system are customizable to meet your specific needs. Choose from available options based on capacity, footprint, and monitoring and control requirements.  

Driving toward your results is Xylem's Hydrovar Variable Speed Pump Drive. The Hydrovar streamlines your pump packages and maximizes your space. Motor mounting the VFD eliminates the need for wall space for your controls, and allows you to have a minimal system footprint. For those systems with multiple pumps used in one application area, you can utilize the multipump capabilities for control of up to 8 pumps for systems with a wide range of system demand. Paired with our "e" line of pumps, the eSV™ or the eHM, you can guarantee industry-leading efficiencies.
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