Reclaim System

We understand the daily challenges you face, including industry regulations and environmental pressures, as well as your desire to run an efficient and profitable business. Our water reclaim products offer you solutions to those pressures and we welcome you to learn more here.

A brief overview of the Xylem product portfolio for carwash reclaim systems:

Primeline SP
Efficient and quality solutions were in mind with the design of this pump for your car wash reclaim application. When paired with the SPS83 Suction Strainer, which is manufactured specifically for water reclaim and vehicle washing, this pairing delivers a reliable water reclaim system. The PrimeLine SP features a replaceable check valve which acts to retain sufficient liquid in the casing to assure fast, reliable priming and repriming capabilities.
SPS83 Suction Strainer SPS83 Suction Strainer is manufactured specifically for water reclaim and vehicle washing. Engineered with a rugged cast iron body and stainless steel basket, this product can be paired with the PrimeLine SPĀ® pump to integrate as a complete system for your operation. Designed to fit all PrimeLine SP models, as well as other self-priming pumps, it filters large particulates from entering the pump, which ensures water resource requirements are met.
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