The pre-soak application is an integral part of the car wash process and we understand what you need to offer the best experience for your customers. Our line of eSV™ and eHM pumps are specifically designed with efficiency and quality in mind. Combine either of these models with our Hydrovar® Variable Speed Pump Drive and we can offer industry-leading efficiencies. With several models and options to tailor the pump to your needs, we can offer solutions whether you use frictionless, hybrid or conventional car wash systems.

A brief overview of the Xylem product portfolio for carwash pre-soak systems:

Industry-leading efficiencies are our main focus for your business needs. Designed to lay in the horizontal position, the eHM is offered in a variety of models and designs focused specifically on efficiency, ease of use, and economical operation. Today's market demands efficient operations, and because we realize that not all car wash designs are the same, we have you covered with installation flexibility. Paired with our Hydrovar™ Variable Speed Drive Pump and you can guarantee industry-leading efficiencies.

Our "e" line of pumps bring you industry-leading efficiencies to help you comply with today's market regulations and environmental pressures as well as, compete in today's business landscape. Focused on these aspects of operational challenges, we bring you the eSV™, which offers a variety of models and designs specifically designed for efficiency, ease of use and economical operation. Paired with our Hydrovar™ Variable Speed Drive Pump and you can guarantee industry-leading efficiencies.

Xylem’s G Series air operated diaphragm pumps are built for industrial applications. They are compact, chemical resistant, easy to stall, but most importantly they last. When uptime is important, the G57 is the pump of choice.

Transfer Valve

By installing a transfer valve, you can double your dispense capacity. This means less time filling and more time washing.

Driving toward your results is Xylem's Hydrovar Variable Speed Pump Drive. The Hydrovar streamlines your pump packages and maximizes your space. Motor mounting the VFD eliminates the need for wall space for your controls, and allows you to have a minimal system footprint. For those systems with multiple pumps used in one application area, you can utilize the multipump capabilities for control of up to 8 pumps for systems with a wide range of system demand. Paired with our "e" line of pumps, the eSV™ or the eHM, you can guarantee industry-leading efficiencies.
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