Equipment Room

Not all car washes are alike and we recognize your desire to be different. Due to varying climates and environmental factors, we offer a broad foundation of products to suit your specific needs. Whether you are interested in drives for offering efficient pump solutions or various heat solutions such as in-floor heat, snow melt options, space heating or wash water heating, let Xylem show you our brands that will drive those solutions for you.

A brief overview of the Xylem product portfolio for carwash equipment rooms:

Aquavar ABII™
Efficient and quality solutions are what he ABII is all about. Xylem designed this drive to be easy to install and easy to start-up. This product is offered with an outdoor rated enclosure and will not limit your installation to the equipment room, couple that with its reliable delivery of constant pressure and variable speed pumping, and you have yourself a solution that will help you achieve your efficiency needs.

Aquavar Intelligent Pump Controller
MORE is what this drive solution is all about. More enclosures, more communications, more pumping and more intelligence options to tailor this product to your car wash solution. Aquavar can provide the right protection for your application area due to the variety of enclosures it is offered in. Xylem's Start-Up Genie guides you through commissioning by backfilling parameters for input/ouput and pump protections, making set up easy. Communicate with your building management system through 8 different protocols for centralized system control. The addition of motor temperature monitoring can help with preventative maintenance and reduce downtime... Did we mention MORE?”

Driving toward your results is Xylem's Hydrovar Variable Speed Pump Drive. The Hydrovar streamlines your pump packages and maximizes your space. Motor mounting the VFD eliminates the need for wall space for your controls, and allows you to have a minimal system footprint. For those systems with multiple pumps used in one application area, you can utilize the multipump capabilities for control of up to 8 pumps for systems with a wide range of system demand. Paired with our "e" line of pumps, the eSV™ or the eHM, you can guarantee industry-leading efficiencies.
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