Car Washing Solutions

×Tire Wash

Looking for solutions to disperse your chemicals and ensure quality water sprays for an excellent cleaning experience?  Xylem brands, Flojet and Goulds Water Technologies, combine expertise to create specific car wash solutions.  We can work with you to develop a package that suits your specific needs.

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The pre-soak application is an integral part of the car wash process and we understand what you need to offer the best experience for your customers.  Our line of eSV™ and eHM pumps are specifically designed with efficiency and quality in mind.  Combine either of these models with our Hydrovar® Variable Speed Pump Drive and we can offer industry-leading efficiencies.   With several models and options to tailor the pump to your needs, we can offer solutions whether you use frictionless, hybrid or conventional car wash systems.

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×First Rinse

For those high pressured water spray needs during the first rinse application, Xylem has options to suit all of your needs. We offer our "e" line of eSV™ and eHM pumps that come in a variety of models and designs, which were specifically design for efficiency, ease of use, and economical operation. Paired with our Hydrovar™ Variable Speed Drive Pump and you can guarantee industry-leading efficiencies. If the "e" line of pumps are not what you are looking for, we also have our GB Booster Pump Series that works seamlessly in specific car wash system setups.

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×Wrap Arounds

Essential for getting the sides and mirrors of vehicles clean, the wrap around application is an integral part of many car washes today. To assist you with the best cleaning experiences for your customers, we offer you our tried and true branded pumps. With superior materials of construction, for reduced corrosion and improved strength, our brands of pumps bring the solution of long lasting quality to your systems.

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×Final Rinse

Bringing the vehicle wash experience to a close, it's essential you offer your customers a clean that is comparable to no others. Whether you are one who offers additional rinse options such as spray waxes or chemical solutions, or simply want to provide a high-pressure rinse, we can meet your needs with our Goulds Water Technology and Flojet products.

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×Spot-Free Rinsing

After all the cleaning is said and done, a clean rinse is what your customers are looking for. No streaks, just a shiny clean vehicle. Let us introduce you to our line of RO products delivered by Water Equipment Technologies (WET) which can be paired with our industry-leading efficiency pumps by Goulds Water Technologies. We strive to offer you efficient and quality solutions.

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×Reclaim System

We understand the daily challenges you face, including industry regulations and environmental pressures, as well as your desire to run an efficient and profitable business. Our water reclaim products offer you solutions to those pressures and we welcome you to learn more here.

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×Equipment Room

Not all car washes are alike and we recognize your desire to be different. Due to varying climates and environmental factors, we offer a broad foundation of products to suit your specific needs. Whether you are interested in drives for offering efficient pump solutions or various heat solutions such as in-floor heat, snow melt options, space heating or wash water heating, let Xylem show you our brands that will drive those solutions for you.

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Learn more about Xylem’s capabilities across the vehicle wash industry by clicking on the green hot-spots on the example tunnel car wash illustrating Xylem’s comprehensive offering or by browsing by application or product type.

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